Here are some tutorials to help users on MYAPPS features of MYETV

Advertising (publisher)

The MYAPP “Advertising (publisher)” is a complete suite of advertising position for publishers available on MYETV that all networks can take advantage of for graphic promotions of anything; this MYAPP can be activated only if the AccountAccount an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and …

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IFrame (MYAPP)

The MYAPP called “IFrame” will show to the audience an embed URL inside an iframe, customizable for every contentsContents every content intended as text, images, audio or video or every network of contentsNetwork of Contents is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the …

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Share Buttons (MYAPP)

The “Share Buttons” MYAPP will show to the audience a sharerSharer the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform-bar to share the newtork URL or the contentContents every content intended as text, images, audio or video URL with the major social networks on the web; …

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