Here are some tutorials to help users on MYAPPS features of MYETV

Advertising (publisher)

The MYAPP “Advertising (publisher)” is a complete suite of advertising position for publishers available on MYETV that all networks can take advantage of for graphic promotions of anything; this MYAPP can be activated only if the Account of the owner is verified and is available to be deployed in every networks of contents. HOW IT …

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IFrame (MYAPP)

The MYAPP called “IFrame” will show to the audience an embed URL inside an iframe, customizable for every contents or every network of contents; the URL must be available for the public and the iframe must be opened in a full-screen modal box by pressing the button named as the custom title of the app. …

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Share Buttons (MYAPP)

The “Share Buttons” MYAPP will show to the audience a sharer-bar to share the newtork URL or the content URL with the major social networks on the web; share buttons comprends a button for: Facebook, Twitter, Wathsapp, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, VK, Telegram and a button to send an email with the selected URL. HOW IT …

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