Block Notes (MYAPP)

The Block Notes MYAPP gives to the owner of a network of contents the possibility to specify an original sticky notes to their contents or a notes for the network page of a max 1000 characters; the notes for the content will appear right under the content while the notes for the network will appear in the MYAPP section of the network page, the last note for the network page will appear at the start of the timeline in the network page. The use of this MYAPP is intended to bring original texts to the selected content or content network; illegal use of this MYAPP may result in its deactivation by a moderator, losing all the notes already entered.


The owner of this MYAPP can specified a title and a description and an icon, the geoip feature can be selected in the dashboard to restrict the view of this MYAPP to a selected country; the title of this MYAPP will be showed to the audience, while the description will be keep private. The Block Notes MYAPP is builded to make contents more original by specifiyng max. 1000 characters right under the content, different for every contents, or in the network page. HTML is not allowed in general, emoji will be allowed; this MYAPP can be deployed in 3 different positions under the contents, in the timeline as a button, in the network page as a notes (the MYAPP section will display all notes while the last note will be displayed at the top of the network page). MYAPP can be activated through the MYAPPS dashboard and then it can be assigned to any content through the content editing page.


  • content“: with this selected position the Block Notes MYAPP can be selected in the “edit content” page for every contents and a sticky note will be displayed in the play page right under the content where this MYAPP is activated; the text note will be displayed also above the timeline as a comment from the owner of the network
  • timeline“: with this selected position the Block Notes MYAPP can be selected in the “edit content” page for every contents and a button, with the icon selected in the MYAPP dashboard, will be displayed in the timeline for that content; by clicking the button the note for that content will be displayed in the modal window.
  • network“: with this selected position the Block Notes MYAPP will be displayed in the section “MYAPP” of the network page where this MYAPP is activated and will display all the notes added to that network; the latest note will be always display at the top of the page. The notes for this position can be added only in the MYAPP dashboard for that specified network.


  • To access at the feature the owner must have an own Network of Contents and must have access to MYAPPS
  • MYAPPS Guidelines and limits
  • There are no limits of how many notes can be added
  • HTML and any others language code is not allowed
  • Every note can be max. 1000 characters
  • Title of the Block Notes MYAPP must be max. 25 characters, description must be max. 140 characters
  • The notes should be original and must respect the language of the content network
  • The notes can be translated if the MYAPP “Translate Text” is activated
  • This MYAPP is subjected to moderation and if abuses is caught the entire MYAPP can be deactivated by a moderator
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