Welcome Linux

Today we have done something of very important: for the first time the whole MYETV application is running on a Linux system. Due to the fact that before the main platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] was on Windows server, the transfer was not the easiest and we will still have some problems until all the codes are 100% completed; but overall we did a great job in a short time we were able to transfer files, databases, data (without compromising encryption-[Encryption]: [to change electronic information or signals into a secret code (= system of letters, numbers, or symbols) that people cannot understand or use on normal equipment]), keys and everything related to platform security. The only positive note is that we immediately used open source codes and databases, written in php, and therefore by writing the codes in a perfect way we were able to transfer it with minimal effort (we had to update some paths and some procedures for the software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs] installed). This year will be remembered to be the year of 100% open source. We used a 100% Linux debian-derived system, the benefits compared to before are greater versatility, greater effective loading speed, code compatibility with any operating system and above all a reduction in the cost of managing licenses by a few hundred euros (not a few). There are many advantages of this choice starting from the speed of the software used, all open source from the beginning, which guarantee perfect compatibility with the most open source operating system in the world.

There is still a lot to do; in fact we have transferred all the domains to the new operating systems for now, including the myetv.tv domain, ensuring the correct functioning of the basic functions; but many things will have to be fixed and to do this we had to temporarily disable uploads and critical features until they are fully active (a matter of a few days). We will definitely have the work finished by the beginning of next week. Our adventure on Linux systems has just begun.

From now on we will start fine-tuning the entire platform for use on open source systems. We have to thank all the people who have helped us, during these 15 years, to make the open source platform with entirely open source software and codes; MYETV is not made by just one person, but a collective of people who thanks to their knowledge have helped to create customized software and codes. From MYSQL/SQL/NO-SQL operators to php and pyton programmers up to Microsoft Windows and Linux system administrators. Everyone has contributed, some in a small part, some in a large part, to this extraordinary achievement. Thank you, everyone.

From now on we are serious. Thanks you. That’s all, folks.

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