Follow the star to advise and gift MYCOINS

Today I am proud to present you a new feature for this 13th anniversary of MYETV, one of the first based on MYCOINS; we have tested it for all this 2021 in silence. The “advise” button of each content have now the ability to gift 1 MYCOIN to the content network that shared the content. It works for all users (even those not registered), so anyone can give 1 MYCOIN as a gift simply by pressing a button under the content; it works like this:
– Press the “advise” button (under the content or in the sharing section of that content)
– You can choose whether to cast a negative vote (MYCOIN will not be given as a gift) or to press the “advise now” button and give 1 MYCOIN as a gift
– MYCOIN will not be credited immediately but only after someone has opened and viewed the content within the next 24 hours

1 MYCOINS will be given and credited, this means that the transaction takes place without any other payment or exchange; from today to give 1 MYCOIN to your favorite content network just press the “advise” button followed by a star.

Terms of Service

  • The “advise” or “advise now” button can be used by everyone (registered and unregistered users)
  • 1 MYCOIN will be accredited immediately for advised contents, to the user who own that network of contents, only after a registered user (logged user) has opened and viewed the content advised within the next 24 hours and one time only for every content advised.
  • No cumulative MYCOINS can be delivered for the same content.
  • There are no limits on how many contents can be advised.
  • MYCOINS are given as gifts, this means that there is no need to have MYCOINS in your wallet to donate them to someone.
  • MYCOINS gifted in this way will be shown in the wallet with this code:
  • All MYCOINS terms of service remain active for this functionality.
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