The EMSG for Contents and Networks of Contents (MYAPP)

The EMESSENGER is a powerful application, born in 2016 for every registered users on MYETV, for sending messages to content networks or receiving messages from them; note that it is not VOX, but a completely different application accessible only to registered users of MYETV. It can be distributed through MYAPPS in your own content network (under the network page), inside the content (under the content inside the play page) or through the MYRC search engine (beta). The application is completely free and available to all registered users and has the limitations of MYAPPS. In the MYAPP editing page it is possible to change the title and description to be displayed to users and it is also possible to change the default icon or restrict the view only for certain countries. The application can send private or public messages to the content network where it is activated; private messages will only be viewed by you and the owners of the content network; public messages will be viewed by all registered users and owners of the contents network, owners can decide to moderate public messages before they are made available to everyone.

It is possible to activate this MYAPP being a registered and verified user; in the MYAPPS add page it is called “EMESSENGER” and can be activated in simple steps, it does not require any other verification. This MYAPP cannot use MYCOINS. It is possible that before being able to view or send any messages, it is necessary to choose whether to view public messages or only private ones. This MYAPP is an exclusive of MYETV. This MYAPP interacts with users and it is therefore recommended to moderate public messages in order not to be expelled from MYAPP and not to be able to use it anymore. EMESSENGER includes private encryption software that can be used by registered users to exchange encrypted messages; it is necessary to read the indications and warnings before using it in a country where encryption is not allowed.

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