E-Commerce links for your contents (MYAPP)

The ecommerce app inside MYETV can be setup from MYAPPS for a Network of Contents or for Contents with a button in the timeline; the “Content Network” position brings together in its own network all the contents to which MYAPP ecommerce has been activated in the content modification pages; the position “inside the content” or “as button in the timeline” gives the possibility to select this MYAPP among those present in the content editing page. This MYAPP is free and does not require any revision and can be activated, respecting the limits of the MYAPP and verifying your account first; if MYAPP is used for non-compliant purposes, any moderator can remove the use of the same for the network that violated the terms of use. This MYAPP is based on inserted links (external or internal) and cannot directly exchange money or goods, the accounting must be administered by the external services to which the URLs send. This MYAPP does not use MYCOINS. MYETV assumes no responsibility for external transactions. The content network manager can enter a maximum of 4 external URLs for each content with this MYAPP active. This MYAPP has a default icon in the timeline button, which cannot be changed, symbolized by a shopping cart.

Information about external links is always displayed when the “?” Button is pressed, next to the links displayed; in addition, the host to which the URL refers is always displayed as the text of the button. This MYAPP can be activated or deactivated like all the others and is bound by the limitations on the number of MYAPP that can be built, no limitation on the number of URLs that can be saved. This MYAPP is accessible via the menu button “MY CONTENT NETWORKS – MYAPPS MANAGEMENT”, visible by registered users, under the button “ECOMMERCE” and then “DEPLOY”. On the MYAPPS edit page you can change the name and description to be displayed to the public; furthermore, some options dedicated to this MYAPP can be modified such as the position (network of contents, content, timeline as a button) and an external URL to be shown by default and a geolocation can also be set in order to display the MYAPP only in the chosen countries (the excluded countries will not be able to access or see the links).

This MYAPP is free for every registered and verified users and is an exclusive of MYETV

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