SafeTV: the Artificial Intelligence for good

The brand new “SafeTV” feature inside MYETV is an union of tools  to keep the community safe; the artificial intelligence can notice the users, under certains conditions, if the content that they are watching have some sort of restrictions like PEGI, age notification, geoip, geolanguage or many others (many more notifications will be added). It’s act like a guide to new users.

The feature bring the notifications, that can be closed one by one or keep opened, when a content is restricted or in other part of the website where they are needed; these notifications are marked as “SafeTV Notify” with a “?” at the left. To disable completely notifications of SafeTV you can deselect the control box in the “You Choose” section.

In the future the deactivation of this feature could be reserved only to subscribed users who have specified the birthday’s date.

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