Hello from MyLabs. The 9th birthday of MyeTV is in july 2017

Hello everyones! We’ve passed the 1st of April and the April Fool’s Day as only we can do, with a lot of fishes around the homepage. Today i want to show to you the latest news from MyeTV‘s Labs, and it’s not a prank; the day 4th April is my birthday and i want share with you, as every years we do, thoughts and impressions from the latest updates to the website and the future ones; i will explain the new technologies that we are using to compile the source code and make the various web designs and i will talk about our website and how to improve it in a better way. We’ve worked very hard in these days and we’ve tested some various features from code to design and MyApps-[MYAPPS]: [applications that the owners of the networks can build within them to add additional functionality to the content or to the entire network], and some of that you will be able to see in the next months on MyeTV.

Transcription of the video:
“Hello guys and girls, this is Oscar from MyeTV. Here we are working to a next generation website with a lot of enthusiasm, we want to develop a really good thing, something comfortable, something that is user-experience. I just show to you this device, the Surface, i like it very much; this is the keyboard and this is the “away from keyboard”. What you’re watching now is “Elektro-L2” satellite and it is the framing of the Earth from the satellite, this is my desktop; i show to you what we can do with some new devices, because this is a completely new device. We can, for example, write here “Hello World” you see it? Ok; and without any cables, only wireless and bluetooth a simple device in my hand, it’s a pen; so we can put the devices all together or remote them or i can put the pen here and… [magic].  Why that? Because we can do that! We can try to do a new device to make our lifes better and more comfortable, we are italians and don’t forget that we have the best heads in the world; and we have a lot of ideas to develop a nice device and a lot of experience becuase we are here from 9 years the 1st of July of 2017. That things require time, work and a lot of dedication; but we are in the right direction because we have a very good website right now, we have improved the security and the performance of all the website, all the thing related to code and databases, we have put behind a firewall, we have do a lot of things this and past years. We have seen bad and good days together, working together, i want to thank you all really, very much. It’s time to say goodbye we will meet again next year, i want to say thank you to all of you because we have passed bad and good days but you are always nearest with us and always worked with us so don’t worry because your work will be rewarded.”

Hello to all the coders and designers who contribute to this project and don’t forget to study and stay with your family and friends and people who loves you. Thank you for contributing to making one of the best software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs] in the web. Best regards, Oscar.

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