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This content has 5 years. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind.

reportspointsThe automatic reporting services will help us to manage the hundreds of contents that you send to us daily. You can start a report for a content that you think that violate the MYETV standards; when a report is started a notice will be showed in real-time to the moederators for taking actions.

By agreeing to send your request to any contents, you agree to do so solely and exclusively for the good of the MyeTV community and not for personal interest; you are aware of the fact that the video is automatically obscured and a voting system will be activated to charge viewers an opinion on a violate of the rules.

These are the rules of the service:

  1. For submit a report you must be on the website. You can also send us an email at admin@myetv.tv but, in this way, we have no guarantee on the time of the reply.
  2. You can submit just one report for every content not yours.
  3. The moderation Platform will receive an instant notify.
  4. Moderators can views in real-time PEGI informations and others about every contents.
  5. Moderators will have to apply the standards of the community, if required.
  6. If the report contain license infringment the content will be visioned to apply restrictions or to delete.
  7. We have 7 days, from the start of the report, to take an action.
  8. Users will be notified with email or notifications.
  9. MYCOINS of the user will decrease of -1 if a report is accepted.
  10. MYCOINS generated from views of that content (if any) will be reset.

It’s your time to make MYETV better than ever! Don’t waste your time; help us. There are so many reasons because you choose to report a content; you can one chose from these reasons:

  1. License Infraction (content could be deleted after moderation)
  2. License missed (use this in case you have any trouble with the license informations, the content will be visioned to validate the license; if any license isn’t applied then the content will switched to the default CC-ND creative commons license. The content will not be deleted after the moderation and you can submit another report for license infringment if needed)
  3. Only Adults (18+) (after the moderation content will be switched in the “Only Adults” PEGI category)
  4. Violence (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  5. Bad Language (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  6. Fear (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  7. Sex (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  8. Drugs (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  9. Discrimination (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  10. Gambling (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)
  11. Internet Promotions (after the moderation content will be switched in the PEGI category)

Please note that not all the reasons will delete the content (see the list above).
Please note that, if content should be deleted, we have 7 days to try to contact the owner of the infringment with a notification or email and the content will be obscured immediately for everyone and completely deleted after 7 days if no reply or the reply isn’t accepted.
Please note that moderators cannot interact with private messages, only with contents.
Please note that some of this informations could be obsolete.

Please read here for more informations about moderators: https://blog.myetv.tv/2018/01/22/alpha-testing-moderation-program/

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