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Let’s start to use this blog to know us and know what we think. I’m Oscar, the first developer and the owner of this sites; i started working on myetv from its birth, was back in 2008, with many others friends and programmers. During this days we have faced periods of success and difficult times, but we are here; and we would like to express our opinion about user generated content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] and copyrighted works. We faced some problems about that, in the past, and as a result of the work of some agencies. So, we now are better than ever; noone can shut down our advertising services, without our permissions (because they come from another our site and noone can now attack myetv, as before, because we have upgraded all the infrastructure to prevent attacks from ddos and many more (yes, ddos attacks are not used only by the anonymous “terrorist” like they say to us).

Free speech and copyrighted content maybe have the same reason to make a removal request; how you manage that?

copyright-pinterestWe mostly make a double attention on the free speech right and others uman rights that people should have; we understand that share copyrighted content can do harm at the industry, but the right of free speech and of the privacy of the peoples is most important. So, we do not accept removal request that can broke that laws also mentioned in the international Convention on Human Rights.

How we react, at MyeTV, in front of a copyright violation?

We do not control (and we can’t) for every video added by our users; we just have a button below the video called “Report Abuse” and anyone can click it and send to us a report; only by doing this we can have a notice of the abuse. By this way, we will try to contact who has reported the video and the owner of the video in MyeTV and, if we have no reply by this last person, we will control the video and, if the abuse is confirmed, we will completely delete the video in 7 working days alerting (with an email) those who reported. For now, we treat the abuses reports through the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (the ones with an international value) or the laws of the country where came the warning.

Now the good part, what we think about copyright laws?

crown-copyright-duration-lgBullshit (i’m sorry for the bad word); there is no an international copyright law at all (apart from the Berne Convention 1988, but isn’t specifically for the internet). We don’t have politicians who are able to propose a law shared by their own people. It’s a kinda ridicolous but it’s the truth. We have differents copyright laws, country by country, so we should have nearly 100 people to work only about this things. That is the means of “make a staff to remove the contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] it’s too expensive for us”. So, in most of cases, webmasters do what they want; and the politician who proposes a law that speaks only to oppress and suppress lose, obviously, all the votes. You can see a simplified example of the u.s.a. copyright laws in the image at the right (click to enlarge) and, in the u.s.a. version what you can see here is that maybe 125 years are too much.

Why privacy is on risk?

Some editors, or governments, leave the control of their copyrighted material at some agencies. In the past we have encountered serious copyright agencies and, instead, agencies who want only to have the user data and then act in their own way. As the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” say (art.12, the right of the respect of the private life), the only one that have an international value: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”. For that, when there are copyright agencies that play dirty, in most cases we denounce them.

What we are making of new for have a little solution of this problems?

effective-leaders-solve-problemsIf any international law will not be able to meet our demands, we must go in our own way. The first thing that we will do, to try to resolve this problems, is to update the “Report Abuse” features. Now the reports are controlled by us; but in the near future we will let people, who use MyeTV, to reply at the copyright question on a certain reported videos. After report video as a violation, users are able to vote to delete or not the video (in this way they can have the notice that the video can be a violation and they can control it and choose what to do, if view it or not). If noone reply at the votes, the video will be deleted after 7 working days. We will add others usefull features, that we not explain here, to confirm that the removal requests coming from an authorized person or agency.

Why they put pressure on you?

480758007_f52598508e_oIt’s normal; the majority of people who knowingly violates copyright laws, it does so by leaving the responsibility on the hosting service (or provider) used; but the provider can not control all of the individual contents through their network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners] and they can not know any of their users. So, in most of cases, the agents of the copyright leave that as “our fault”, but it is not quite right. We’re not cops, we do not work for some obscure government and certainly we are not criminals. We are in the same boat but no one would want to stay on the Titanic, i think.

In the conclusion, for you, who is responsible for sharing copyrighted content?

I know the importance of preserving certain works, but at all no one is responsible for the incompetence of some editors. All the users are welcome to use my sites and others services if they are not criminals. Probably the responsibility belongs to those who do not want to change the laws in force, to meets the internet users requests.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for stay with us. Have a nice day!!!

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