The links of TimeWalls are definitely changed

From today 11/02/2017 we have made an important change to the MyeTV‘s world. As stated in our guidelines timewalls are public walls and they were reached, before this change, through this url scheme “https://www.myetv.tv/timewall/[wallname]/“; from today you must reach the public timewalls with this new url scheme “https://www.myetv.tv/[wallname]/“. This changes are applyed to all the new […]

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Step by step…

Last week at MyeTV we focused the works to improve some little fix on the design and code. We are adding the users management for MyWalls (part of that is just builded with the past mega-pack-v4 updates); wall owners can add editors, moderators and content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] providers to

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