Race to 2023 – A post a week

These days we have greatly improved the platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] with minor and major code changes, new features and three new native applications-[Native Applications]: [the applications available for any operating system (eg. Microsoft, Android, FireOs) downloadable and installable] for different devices to discover. Despite this, there is still a lot to do. Despite the world situation and despite many of our friends have lost their lives or had to escape from unclear situations, we will not be discouraged; while leaving free will to the owners of our netwroks of content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video], it must be clear that we will not fight any of your wars and we never intend to. For this reason we have decided to devote much more time and resources to building the platform and to this blog, committing ourselves to writing at least one post a week with updates, technical tutorials or even fun things. We strongly believe that the creation of our community also involves getting to know the developers of the project. From today 05 September 2022 we will guarantee at least one post per week published on this blog; counting the week from Monday to Sunday, there may be a post on Monday and the next post on the Friday of the following week or there may also be two or more posts each week; this until the new year 2023. This time we will greet this year as never before. Many have sensationally imitated our ideas from which features were born seen for the first time all over the world; there is still a lot to do to improve our platform and make it sustainable. As you know we have a lot of expenses and we still have to improve our income, starting with offering quality services. The paytv and paytofollow can still be improved, the advertising platform is still in the alpha-testing phase ready to exit this phase in the coming months while part of it is currently in beta-testing. All these features will be improved and new features will also be introduced, starting with new special accounts-[Special Accounts]: [an account with elevated privileges and/or access to special sections] available to everyone. All this, and much more, will only be possible if we are able to speed up our production process, committing ourselves to building and improving the platform every day. For this reason it seemed necessary to publish at least one post every week to keep you informed about what is happening and our ideas regarding a certain topic. For me, publishing new posts on this blog means, in addition to keeping you updated on new features, also being able to automatically publish posts on our official social pages (Twitter & Facebook) and therefore also greater involvement of people and our followers-[Follower]: [a follower refers to a person who subscribes to your account or network in order to receive your updates]; we’ve also start to update our official social page on MYETV with our post links and new features. But even better these posts will also serve to better understand our work, what we are doing, what we will do and why we did it. We will add new categories to the topics of this blog, including a call “for fun”, and we will try to publish a little bit of everything and more than what we would normally post on a social page. After 14 years of service for this platform as a senior developer and the writer on this blog, I am proud to come back to update it and I hope these new updates we have studied will be to your liking. They say: when the going gets tough, the tough get to play. But when our “Game-Changers” are involved, people who have already proved what they are capable of, nothing and nobody can be considered tough enough or as having arrived.

Let us then start with the race to 2023; and remember that this is only the end of the beginning.

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