Automatic post on MYETV’s Official Social Pages

After a long work and a long discussion via the Facebook developer platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] (the only one that created problems), I am proud to have completely disabled the Facebook API and so will very soon for the MYETV‘s mobile application (at next update). The decision was made as Facebook has (again) changed the use of its API platforms by not allowing accessAccess [the simple access to a website as a visitor] to different functions, despite having all documents in order. In a country where the first amendment is freedom of speech (America), we did not expect this.

Then? What have we created? First of all we have recreated the sharing of the posts of this blog on all the social platforms where the trademark-[Trademark]: [a name or symbol on a product that shows it was made by a particular company, and that it cannot be used by other companies without permission] of MYETV is present, the posts will be automatically shared on:
In this way whoever writes on this blog, even if not directly connected to the platforms in question, will be automatically shared on these platforms as well (and I tell you the truth, I was just waiting for this moment to be able to completely disconnect from Facebook, which has become almost a “trap” for us developers).
The Facebook API will be managed directly by (thanks to WordPress Developers) while for Twitter we have already received the authorization to use the service for this purpose.

But that’s not all! We have also updated the MYETV platform sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform] (broken by these changes of Facebook side) allowing the crawler to analyze Facebook pages and this time we did it without the aid of any API or authorization. The sharer can recognize if the url contains a video or a photo or a post and displays the content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] depending on this decision; if there is a video in the facebook url, the content will be displayed directly through the Facebook player with all the necessary controls also for televisions; while if in the url there is a photo or a written post then the content will be displayed as “Post” and cannot be read as a video content; the informations like the title of the content, the description of the content, the tag and the image (if the url is a video) should be added manually. With this “magic” we have completely skipped the use of any authorization by Facebook, its API and everything that is part of an infinite “acceptance” by sending personal and business documents. However, Facebook may decide to ban our website from their servers for any reason, if necessary. If they do, we’ll know. 

Thanks for reading this and keep going, folks!!! We love you! Forza Italia!


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