GeoLocation and Geo GPS available everywhere

At the end of the past year we’ve start developing as part of our platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] and tested internally new features for geolocation and geoposition, namely the technique of representing a geo-spatial position of any object on a terrestrial map. This time we tested the GPS and the localization via HTML5 for all the alpha testers and developers of the project and today we have made it available for everyone both desktop (via browser) and through our applications available on the official stores for mobile, tablets and wide-screen devices. The technique is simple and well tested but different depending on which version and operating system of the platforms you use:

  • Through the browser, your browser will take charge of the request to activate precise geo-location by activating or deactivating the controls at the top of the pages
  • Through the app, the permissions are generally released at the first start of the app but can be changed later through the controls at the top of the pages

In both cases, your precise location will be displayed whenever you open maps anywhere on the platform.

Remember that these features will never work unless an HTTPS encrypted connection is active. Once this feature is activated, informations about your location will be saved in our system and on your computer (via cookies), encrypted for maximum secrecy; when you deactivate the feature, the information on your computer (cookies) will be completely deleted, while the information saved on our systems will remain encrypted until the next re-activation but never displayed.

This icon is your new point of start for enable or disable the Geo-Location and/or GPS services.
GPS services are based by hardware installed inside the devices so it could be not available for every devices out there (GPS must be integrated); Geo-Location services are based on the new HTML5 API and they need a modern HTML5 browser to work properly; in every device where the app can be installed, the HTML5 API is present and the feature can be enabled. Geo-Ip services are based on Cloudflare Network.

The Geo-Location, Geo-Spatial, Geo-Ip, Geo-Language services are based and licesend exclusively with MYETV.
Please note: MYETV‘s geo-positioning systems are safe; unlike other platforms, MYETV encrypts all data, including registered emails, making them compliant with all privacy regulations. Read about how we encrypt data in the Terms of Services.

Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day, folks!!!! :)

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