Facebook out. What’s next?

Maybe you already be aware about it, but at 19 August 2019 “Facebook” has blocked the administrators of https://www.facebook.com/myetv.tv without any previously advice and with the reason of “the page audience is growing up” they try to force all the administrators to use the famous “two-factor authentication” inside Facebook for their private accounts. This policy is unacceptable to our side so we are currently fight against “Facebook Inc” to force them to give back to us the page or totally delete all the mark(s) with damages.

This “invisible wars” against and among social networks is not the first time that happens; ideologically it’s a stab in the back.
Google+: [removed] https://plus.google.com/+MyetvTv/
Facebook: [disputed] https://www.facebook.com/myetv.tv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myetvtv

We broke the balls.

From the 2020 part of the works will be focues on completely remove the “Social Connect” platform for login and signup and remove the cookies policy banner makes it implicit for everyone; we will make also a public formal notice about the situation with “Facebook Inc”.

So in the 2020 server-to-server or client-to-server communications with Facebook will be removed inside the MYETV platform. Users can continue to share whatever they want, this not affect the sharer.

Have a nice day.

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