Facebook out. What’s next?

Maybe you already be aware about it, but at 19 August 2019 “Facebook” has blocked the administrators of https://www.facebook.com/myetv.tv without any previously advice and with the reason of “the page audience is growing up” they try to force all the administrators to use the famous “two-factor authentication” inside Facebook for their private accounts. This policy is unacceptable to our side so we are currently fight against “Facebook Inc” to force them to give back to us the page or totally delete all the mark(s) with damages.

Again the day 25/05/2021 Facebook still blocked accessAccess [the simple access to a website as a visitor] to our page for three days to all administrators because of a post published in the CEO’s profile (a free speech about Israel and World War 2)

This “invisible wars” against and among social networks is not the first time that happens; ideologically it’s a stab in the back.
Google+: [removed] https://plus.google.com/+MyetvTv/
Facebook: [disputed] https://www.facebook.com/myetv.tv [disputed win – page is back]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myetvtv

We broke the balls.

This is what we have done the 2020:

From the 2020 part of the works will be focues on completely remove the “Social Connect” platform-[Platform]: [the the set of the main domain and all the subdomain of a particular website; also the computer architecture and equipment using a particular operating system] for login-[Login]: [an act of logging in to a computer, database, website or system] and signup and remove the cookies policy banner makes it implicit for everyone; we will make also a public formal notice about the situation with “Facebook Inc”.

Due to this attacks against our platgform all insecure public API from third partyes platform will not be used again. Without distinction, all third-party APIs used for manipulating user data will be considered insecure and therefore criminal.

All the client-side OAUTH/OUATH2 access will be completely disabled for the end of 2019 as described here.

So in the 2020 server-to-server or client-to-server communications with Facebook will be removed inside the MYETV platform. Users can continue to share whatever they want, this not affect the sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform].

For the 2021 ban expect others restrictions against Facebook and the CEO has just announced will completely remove the account-[Account]: [an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password] on Facebook if the situation do not changes, leaving the moderation of pages to administrators.

Have a nice day.

UPDATE: in the middle of November 2019 we got finally back our page at the same address.

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