Happy 7th Birthday MyeTV !!!


No one, here in Italy, has ever dreamed of doing something like this ten years ago. The idea of MyeTV, in fact, started long before his birth; many people are inspired by our work but none of these has come so far. Ten year ago our Association for a Free informations and Open contents-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] in the World was born (at 2005) and seven years ago MyeTV was born (exactly at 7 July 2008). We are now the best at what we do; thanks to all of you.

Many things have happened and many people we have encountered over the years we have grown and now we are always stronger than before; we celebrate a lot of things during this years; we have defended us from a lot of bad people and bad situations; we have defended our works from being stolen or instrumentalized by someone; we have made you smile; we have made you cry; we have made you think. We are here and next month we will celebrate the 7th birthday with new features and updates.

I love to thanks all of you for all what you do on MyeTV and what you will do.
I love to show to you some love. We are good guys, little crazy, but good guys :)

We now are exactly 1 month from our birthday and someone has just start the party!!!

Have a nice day and stay tuned at https://www.myetv.tv !!!

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