Stats up and bye bye


Today we just announcing the end of the’s project; but… It’s not a real “end” we will continue to have the source code and all the right to use it and the name of the project in any of our proprietary projects in the future. Exploretv was builded by me in the far 2005/2006 and it was a software-[Program/Software]: [the instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs] written in VB.NET and C languages; only after some years it was developed also for the web devices like normal browsers in the market right now. So… You now think that: “You freaking tryed to build a proprietary web browser in the year 2005?” and the answer is Yes. So? There’s no bad on that it was an experimental webbrowser and it was good till someone has decided to shut us down by creating a lot of problems… But for me, it was a very good idea and a good project; it was a very crazy project red and blue design had reached my head essentially for years. Anyways… We just hold the domain at website and it now redirect to the website. Why that? Because, actually, we don’t have the power to really build an entire web browser as the primary objective of the project say (there are obviously others much good and secure) and we don’t have the time to upgrade and controls different webapps. Myetv is one of the best, fast and secure website around the web and it’s a good idea, for me, to don’t let die the’s domain and let this domain helps the others. is now a simple redirect to

On MyeTV we fixed some code in the stats counters and we will make you a surprise in the stats sections in the next days. Vector map and language picker are now used also for the personal profile informations.

I am proud to thanks, now, all the people worked on’s projects around the world and i really hope to see them again on myetv because we are a real community of people who i really love. Thank you for all and remember that we still go on at!!!

Have a nice days folks!!! And a nice week-end!!! Stay tuned more news and features on myetv coming soon!!! ;)

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