Hello World! Geo Map Vector ready to use. First implementation

The vector maps are a part of the new MyeTV styles; not used for now because we focused the works on the native code side. From today we got a first simple application of the vector map in the “Video Informations” section, you can explore the virtual world’s map and where the video was recorded. This is only a first simple application of this powerfull tool; the maps are coded with HTML5 and Jquery and works on every devices. This is an example of the first implementation:



You can zoom in and out and you can select the bolded section to have more informations on the location (if presents).

These maps will be used for others thing, in the future, like real-time public tracing, users locations and many others. Where it is possible.

Enjoy this new feature! Stay tuned, folks… Others good news are coming soon!!! Have a nice day.

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