Smart Routing over the World The public Internet does its best to deliver your content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] — but it can’t account-[Account]: [an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password] for network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can […]

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MyeTV Error Codes

MyeTV is not only one server; MyeTV is behind a proxy (NET of servers, or cloud), we have 22 datacenters around the world, thanks to the hard works of the team in CloudFlare, that can serve our websites; when a server is offline, the server is replaced by another one. The always online technology help us

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Secure SSL connection

We have recently activated the https secure connection using SSL with certificate TLS 1.2, AES 128-bit encrypted (High) – ECDH_P256 exchange 256 bits. You can accessAccess [the simple access to a website as a visitor] MyeTV through secure connections and encrypted simply by The secure connection also works for this blog, simply type You

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