Peach Fuzz is the color of the year 2024

Like every year it has been named PANTONE’s color of the year and this year the color of the year 2024 is “Peach Fuzz”; like every year on MYETV we follow this trend and create colorful themes with the colors of the new year. For this year we decided to follow our tradition and create two colorful themes with the Peach Fuzz color: a dark theme and a light theme; we called them “Peach Fuzz 2024 Dark” and “Peach Fuzz 2024 bright“. You can read more about these two new themes inside MYETV in the dedicated blog post “Colored Theme of MYETV”.

Peach Fuzz 2024 Dark

Peach Fuzz 2024 Bright

To know more about the PANTONE color of the year 2024, please read here:

During the holidays on MYETV we will also activate the colorful Christmas and New Year themes on a rotating basis; with each page update the colored theme can change with a random theme from previous years designed for that time of year. The default unique theme of MYETV “Goldenrod” will come back after the 6 January 2024.

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