TV screen dedicated WebApp

Today we are bringing to you one of the most important updates for the (Un)Limited Update 2021 series; in fact we are releasing a new webapp for browser (could be implemented in the native apps too), with a new address and an optimized user interface for tv-screen or wide-screen. This new webapp is available at and it work well in every browser for tv out there (smart-tv).

Simple as Fast

You can write it with a tv’s remote control keyboard in 3 seconds:
or navigate to and press the HTML5 TV Screen App button

Why this?

The official app of MYETV is builded to run on mobile devices, some fetures are disabled on the start and sopme othe rfeatures are not available for all devices; so this version improve some important design funcionalities and bring to us the navigation inside a tv pane.

Larger and more readable

This version of the app works in every web browser and require a non-mobile internet connection, it is intended for tv screens and/or wide screen devices with more larger objects and more readable text.

Exclusive Features

The new web app let you navigate into tabs with your keyboard just with your arrows keys (left arrow for next tab, right arrow for previous tab, down and up arrows for scrolls functions) plus is ready for OS key association with the MYRC keyboard.

Beta-Testing purpose

The new webapp is still in beta-testing, a lot of works must be done including the implementation with the official native apps and we count on everyone to keep it online and clean. Please note: the webapp and it’s functionalities can change over time to meet more strict specifications.

With this update the domain is from today obsolete and deleted and replaced with the one

This webapp is intended for users with cable connections.
Enjoy this new feature. That’s all folks.

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