New MYETV’s Icons for Browsers

In addition to the official MYETV’s trademark and icons today we finally celebrate the delivery of a new sets of icons for device-browsers and web-browsers, a job started a few months ago that has suffered numerous technical delays due to the restoration of data networks; there is nothing better than releasing these icons before the holidays so we can gradually update them in case there is any improvement. The icons that have been updated are as follows:

Orange icons are from clipart licensed under these terms:
Produced and edited by the MYETV

Alpha Proxima Centauri” is the code name of the next sets of browser icons and is produced entirely by the MYETV with real space images from the sun in the solar system and two auto produced clip arts as symbol of the stars recently discovered a lot of miles away from our galaxy.

These two new icons are the result of work that will last a few more weeks, the time needed to gradually update them for all devices.
Remember to clear your cache if icons are not updated and displayed correctly. Browser icons are totally cached by our CDN to be delivered faster around the World.

Thanks for reading this, folks. Have a nice day, everyone!

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