PEGI™ restrictions for Network of Contents

The PEGI Restrictions is an exclusive proud feature of MYETV initially created for contents restrictions; this feature gain a lot of success to help moderators and content owners to identify something or somewhat that should be advised to the viewers before watching a content; the artificial intelligence, then, had a great impact on the success of this feature for everyone and for the good of the entire community. Today we are proud to present the extension of this feature for the entire Newtorks of Contents. These restrictions, unlike those for the contents,  can advise any viewer before enter in a Network of Contents, or inside it, and will not affect any content inside the Network.

  • This restriction is esclusively for the entire Network of Contents and will not affect the contents.
  • This restriction can be used to advise viewers before entering the Network of Contents, or inside it, for a specific or generic warning
  • This restriction can be setup and/or change by the owner of the Network of Contents
  • This restriction can be set by moderators and the owner of the Network of Contents could be inhibited to change it

PEGI(TradeMark) is a registered Trademark in Europe and in the entire World.

Please note: from the April 2021 (Un)Limited update the PEGI restrictions banners for Network of Contents becomes better and more readable in the timeline and in the play page.

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