Take a Tour on MyeTV

The Tour is a new feature of MyeTV to better understand how the website works. The tour will explain to you the main features of MyeTV in every page (for some page is still in development) with the tour you can learn how to interact with the website. The tour application is still in development and we will add more languages and positions every time a new feature will come out.

Leaving-Cert-revision-clevernotes.ie-Take-A-TourTo start the tour just add &tour=yes at the end of the url, for example http://www.myetv.tv/?tour=yes, or click on the link “Take a Tour” in the bottom of every page (footer); this link:

This is an example picture

Please note that we will add more position in the future to make the tour more comprehensible. The tour is different for logged or not logged users. Have fun!

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