Next updates and new features


In this week we will working to update some features on MyeTV. There are some new features and fixes that we will add to the site (the green check means that the feature is online):

[icon_check] Channel page: we add a menu to explore videos and the user profile on the channels page
[icon_check] Player: fixed an issue with the wulity buttons and html5 for mobile devices
[icon_check] Video ad: Preroll video advertise (on testing)
[icon_x] Video ad: Video advertising manager and uploader for PREMIUM users
[icon_x] PREMIUM: we will add some new features for the MyeTV PREMIUM account
[icon_x] Friendlist: we will redesign all the friendlist
[icon_check] PeerToPeer: the peer to peer network will be restored with all the beneficts
[icon_check] Abuse button: we will change the way to send an abuse and make it easy for everyone
[icon_check] Instant chat: we will fix and add some new features to the chat
[icon_check] Homepage: we will update the homepage and change some sections

You can touch all of this new features with your hands, in this week. Have a nice day!

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