European Champions 2020 – Exclusive colored theme

Today to celebrate the Italian victory in the 2020 European Championship we have created, for the first time, a whole new theme in MYETV with three dominant colors: green, red and white; an excellent result. For the first time you can see it in the image below, thanks to one of my crazy posts (visible only to my followers) dated August 15, 2014:

I created that post with a lot of anger back in 2014, tearing up my Italian identity card on video … But the pride of being European, and Italian, is greater today. First of all because today in 2021 I have my digital identity card (not a paper one as I show in the video) and then for a series of reasons that make me proud to be part of a great team that in everyone’s suffering is able to cheer you up: the Italy. My homeland.

The theme is called “Euro Champ 2020” and from today it can be visible in the list of themes at “GENERAL OPTIONS – THEME”.

This is our homage for winning the 2021 UEFA™ European Championship. Thank you, Europe!

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