MyCoin – A new way to share with MyeTV

PLEASE NOTE: this feature is still in Development and testing; only authorized users can use it. Please be patient as we are working to improve all the features when they are ready.

MYCOINSThe MyCoins are the new way to share in MyeTV; every video you share, or eveything you can do by help the community, you can earn some MyCoins to make a good reputation in your account. In the future you can spend the MyCoins, for example, for your MyeTV Premium Account or something else. Please read the terms and condition of the service at the bottom of this document. You cannot us the MyCoins as a real value and it is prohibited. Every violation of our terms of service can cause the ban of your account from MyeTV. You can earn the MyCoins by activate the “MyEarnings” features in your dashboard; you will receive mycoins every times someone watching your content from the first time or anytime you share something or you help our community with your account. We will update all the platform to let you know how much you will earn if you do some pre-determined actions (like upload a video or contents or vote or share your videos). You can show how much you have earned by your dashboard in the section “MyCoins” and “MyEarnings”.

For the complete Terms and Condition of MyCoins, read here: MYCOINS TERMS OF SERVICES



You must activate the feature in your profile to start generating views and request a payment
You earn 0,002 MyCoins (or Myetv Points) every one unique view in every country
If your a re not a PREMIUM user, you will earn only the 20% of your total earnings; to get the 90% of your total earning you must have a PREMIUM account.
The MyCoins (or Myetv Points) will be charged automatically to your account you don’t need to request payments
The views count are generally of all your videos in your account; for example if you have 2 videos with 5.000 unique views each one, you have 10,000 unique views.
You cannot earn more than 200 MyeTV MyCoins (or Myetv Points) at day
You can buy MyCoins only from our authorized merchant
Unique views means that only one single user every 24 hours is counted; proxy users are escluded from counting.
The views will be counted only if visitor come to our site; if you embed the videos in your site with flash actually the view is not valid for that feature; except if you embed the video with the new IFRAME code, in that case the view is valid and will be counted.
The MyCoins are not real currency. It is currently not possible to ask in any form or manner of payment or the return of funds through real currencies.
You can not sell, rent, give, barter, make use of profit or any other activity that is illegal, in accordance with the laws of your country.
Views are saved with the date, the hour and the user’s IP that have generated the view; all the views will be manually counted by our staff. Abusing and generating fake views will get you a ban from the feature.
The MyCoins can only be used within the site for promotions and subscriptions related to the site, gifts, prizes or contests.
The MyEarnings feature will count only the unique views after the 1 September 2011 (the inauguration day) and not the past days
Activating this feature you accept the general Terms of Service and the DMCA policy
You must accept this terms of service in order to request payments


You can request any kind of support here:

email at:
In this blog you can leave a message to ask support directly to our developers.

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