Textual Contents Sharing

From today the Sharer of MYETV adds a new functionality: the sharing of so-called textual contents-[Textual Content]: [it is text-only content shared by a network].
The textual contents can have a maximum of 2000 characters and are made up of text only; they can have the same privacy controls as all other content-[Contents]: [every content intended as text, images, audio or video] and can be changed after the first entry by adding new content such as the title or tags. Textual content are stored encrypted like all other content. The textual contents will not be displayed on the main homepage of MYETV but only inside the homepage of the content network-[Network of Contents]: [is the channel in which owners can post their content and the audience can see the contents posted by the owners] to which they belong. The textual contents are a revolution for MYETV and are now available to everyone through the usual sharer-[Sharer]: [the section of the platform with which the networks can share content, inside or outside of the platform]; in addition, the way in which you can change the status of the content network has been changed. Here’s how you can take advantage of textual content-[Textual Content]: [it is text-only content shared by a network]:

By pressing the wheel icon you can choose the initial publishing options (privacy, category and much more) but after publishing the textual content it will be possible to choose many other options. Textual content can also contain emojis; it is also possible to insert links and return to line with the text (links inside the textual content will not be scraped but a warning can be shown to the audience before opening an external link). To send the textual content, press the button on the right, the one with an “enter” icon.

Textual contents respect the limits of the SPECIAL ACCOUNTS like any other content; textual contents can have any of the MYAPPS available and can be also translated with the translate text MYAPP. Textual contents can be modified at any time and date/time of the last edit will be saved, textual contents cannot be restored from a previous one.

The new textual contents are the MYETV‘s revolution of this year. More features about this feature will be released soon. Thanks for reading it. Have a nice day, folks.

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