War Updates #3 – Casinò games with MYCOINS

Have you had a stressful day? You can have fun and try your luck with our games. Starting today we begin a journey that will lead us to develop a slot machine, a black jack table, scratch cards, a wheel of fortune. All these applications will be implemented on MYETV in the “MYCOINS – GAMES” section of the menu and they are developed thanks to the work of numerous professional developers. The chips used by the games are called “Game Credits”, also called only “Credits”, and they can be added with MYCOINS and any winnings will be obtained in “Game Credits” that can be esasily transferred as MYCOINS; all games can be used once a day for free (with free 5 Game Credits every day) with real winnings in Game Credits ready to be used to play again or to earn them as MYCOINS, and can only be used by registered users; the MYCOINS transferred, or those you have in your wallet, can be reused in the various games.

Please note: the develop of all these games inside MYETV will require some time


Slot Machines: this is the first game to be developed and it is also the most complicated one; the functioning of the slot machine is well known, you have to spin a wheel and hope to win something. Each MYETV accountAccount an Account contains the personal information that is assigned to those who register and access with email and password has one free chance per day to spin the wheel once; all other laps must be covered through MYCOINS. The payout is always in MYCOINS and is immediate; MYCOINS will be immediately credited to your wallet, without additional fees. The slot is accessible from the link in the menu “MYCOINS – GAMES – SLOT MACHINES” or directly accessible from this link: https://www.myetv.tv/?CallAction=gameslots


Black Jack: card game – under development

Scratch Card: scratch and win – under develpment

Wheel of fortune: always win something – under development


  • Casinò games can be used with “Game Credits”, also called only “Credits”, they can be added with MYCOINS
  • Winning are released in Game Credits that can be transferred instantly and without additional fees into the MYCOINS wallet
  • It is possible to load the credits through your MYCOINS wallet: 1 Game Credit has the value of 1 MYCOIN
  • It is possible to withdraw the winnings or the remaining credits through MYCOINS wallet: 1 MYCOIN has the value of 1 Game Credit
  • You can withdraw winnings only if you have more than 5 Game Credits
  • MYCOINS are the virtual value of MYETV
  • Casinò games can be used only by registered users
  • 5 Game Credits will be added every day to all users who have 0 Game Credits (free Game Credit cannot be cumulable)
  • One free trial every day is available and the winnings, in Game Credits, can be transferred in MYCOINS or can be reused (or not) to play again
  • The single win can never exceed 100 MYCOINS
  • The maximum bet cannot exceed 5 Credits
  • MYCOINS will be transferred directly to your wallet and can be reused in game or to purchase other services of MYETV
  • Casinò games are available in all the area of the World where MYCOINS are available
  • The trials are not cumulable; if you don’t spend it the next day will be always one
  • You will not receive one free credit every day if you let more than one credit inside the slot machine
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