Cumulative updates October/November/December 2019

This is the latest cumulative updates post; we’ve started two years ago by adding informations about updates in this blog every 2 months; then, at the start of this year, we have changed and adjusted the publish time with a post in every every 3 months. In these two years we mantained all our promises and expectations and never missed an update post to inform our users about news and improvements on MYETV. We have made great strides and, since we realized we were being watched by the other giants, we’ve improved the whole platform day by day, devoting time, space and part of our life. Sometimes we have written and anticipated too much; this will never happen again. At the end of these updates we will no longer need to create new ones, but the whole platform will be continuously updated and the major features will be presented as usual in this blog.

In these 3 months we will close the updates chapter with surprises and holidays … We are waiting for Halloween 2019 and Christmas 2019 with important features that we will update every day keeping you informed on the path of the work. Let’s start building this last updates chapter:

  • BLOG: This blog is fully updated (design&code) to be unique and more readable than ever
  • SEARCH ENGINE: the search engine from now uses the method POST to send data instead of GET; this results in a more fast data transmissions, much more cacheable and secure; the push technology of the HTML5 will adjust the URL in the browser client-side. Search engine optimization are maded to the pages
  • IMPROVEMENTS: the notifications and network informations sections are improved and more readable
  • FEATURE: the contents shared by third party websites now shows informations about the author of the content
  • DESIGN: fixed design for main features and homepage
  • DESIGN: adedd the “cookie banner” to make the cookie acceptance implicit
  • SECURITY: the registration process has changed slightly
  • SECURITY: updates on the security certificates and features of the whole platform are maded successfully
  • SECURITY: Security updates of October 2019:
  • FIXES: client-side codes fixed and improved in various part of the platform
  • PLATFORM: added nav menu to and
  • DOCUMENTS: Major updates and changes are maded to Privacy Policy and Terms of Services
  • Wait for more… We will keep this document updates every week to add and present new features…

These months will be a preparation for change for the coming new year … We will welcome 2020 more than ever.

Stay tuned, folks!

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