PlayWall for all !!!


Hi guys, this is a good news related to our next update MyRC v.2; from now every users and MyWall can setup their PlayWall !!! You can coverize your MyWall with a playlist of public videos (random choice form your public shared or own content) or a lonely content (could be everything: video or image or text) or with a MyAPP you can setup a simulated-live channel or more in the future. From today you can find this button at the top of your MyWall:


You can edit your profile and activate your MyWall; please note: you must complete your profile (with name, surname and others thing) to setup your own PlayWall.

This feature is only one of the main feature of this update… And we will add more and more news related to this feature. There are a plenty of new updates coming soon! Stay Tuned !!!

You can have more informations on PlayWall here:

Have a nice day, folks!!!

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