Private Message Platform (PMP) in the right toolbar of MyeTV

pmp_myetvrighttoolbarThe Private Messaging Platform of MyeTV (called “P.M.P.”)

As you know, we focused part of our works for the new Private Messaging Platform of MyeTV. We talked about that some days ago here; and here we are. You can access to the platform in two ways, from the left menu (available to mobile devices too) and in another quick way by the right toolbar of MyeTV (available to every devices, butnot mobile). The right toolbar is in every page of the website and you can open it without reload the entire page, for example when you watching a video.

How it works

You can choose the person to chat from your friendlist; if messages are not present (if is the first time you chat with this person) you can start the conversation by click on the button; a notice of your first message will be delivered to the person you are trying to contact, when he read the message the notice will be never sent again when you will send another message.

Authentication and Privacy

We choose, for now, to make it available only to registered users; all the informations and transaction are passed through the SSL protocol that means that no one can intercept/edit the data passing.

Crypting messages

In addition to the SSL tunneling you can crypt your message in the database so when you will be connected with another devices the message results as unreadable for most humans (hey, super humans are escluded). We should need to talk about the crypted mechanism; this encrypt mechanism ensures you that others (or you with another devices) cannot read your messages. The algorithm is like a lock, what you type will be scrambled with a combination of 6 groups of 4 numbers and that combination can unlock and decrypt the crypted message; this lock change everytime you crypt a message. You can choose to assign a combination automatically or to assign the combination yourself by type it (and you can change it time-by-time).

Please note that: the “crypt message” feature is not implemented yet.

A couple of clarifications

It looks like I’m joking but it is better to make two clarifications: if your plan is to use it for some sort of criminal actions, noway they will catch you. Sorry to break your dreams. We are here to make fun and have fun and we don’t want any sort of your problems. Thank you for understanding that.

Also if the transaction and the conversation are super secure, remember to never give away your financial/private data to people who you don’t know.

The future is coming…

This features will be one of the most important news on MyeTV in this year and will be better and better and better every days. We have much ideas to do on that, for example in the future you will be able to make a group chat with your friends; the public room is another plan we’ve go in the near future; sounds and real-time messages are another crash on my mind; and we plan also to open the pmp on the right toolbar to every users (unregistered too by anonymous usernames) but we are looking to make it better, first, so it will take some time to think about the best way on how to do it.

Part of the platform is now ready to use; we are currently on the embryonic stage so in the next days we will make it better and better again.

This platform has completely replaced the old myetv’s chat. Enjoy it !!!

Hope this will help you to understand what we are doing here. Have a nice days, folks!!! Love you, stay tuned this is only the beginning.

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