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MYCOINSFrom today we are upgrading the MyCoins platform; as the evolution of the part1 (as described here) we add a real-value-system to mycoins; that is means that for all the services of MyeTV you will pay with our MyCoins. Need a PREMIUM account? You can pay with MyCoins. You can add funds to your balance in many way (most of them temporarily undercostruction) like: sharing on social networks, make views on your videos, buy the MyCoins with CreditCard or mobile telephone or paypal or in other authorized ways. We lauch from today our new payments gateway: or (only logged users, you can access it from your Dashboard)

In the near future you can change or share your MyCoins with your friends on MyeTV.

Please note: all the platform are on testing and many more features will be added soon

Have a nice day, folks!

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