Search Engine Updated

We have updated the search engine with new features, starting today you can search for videos, pages, or users. When you type a word, a menu will appear below and you can choose between different results. You can show a simple example in the image below:


You can see how the results are displayed: the first section is for search videos with this terms, the second section is for search Pages and MyWalls of the users, and the third section is for search users (username or name or email). Remember that, when you signup, only your username is public; we updated our privacy policy with all the informations you need on your privacy. You can change anytime your privacy settings by loggin in to your account and click on your dashboard like in the picture below:


As you can see you can change the settings of your account; if you want to completely disable this feature for your account, select “disable”; if you want to enable the feature only for your friends or only for the users logged, then select “Only friends”; if you want to show your username to the pubblic, then select “All” (it’s the default option). You can also change the settings for your Name, Surname and email the default setting are “only me”; if you select “only friends” this informations in the search engine will be show only to your friends; if your select “All”, then this informations will be available to the public.
When you search videos, you can filter results as show in the image below:


As you can see you can order the results for relevancy, date or clicks or filter results for media, category, country, stream and quality. We add a large button for the “Feeling Lucky” feature. We will update the search engine with many more features in the next days and some of them are currently underconsturction! Stay tuned, folks!!!

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