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PLEASE NOTE: informations in this document could be obsolete. The P2P App in this document is no more actually activated & developed with MyeTV.


The PeerToPeer video streaming on MyeTV is powered by Giraffic; to access at our P2P MyeTV network you must download and install the “Giraffic for MyeTV” software downloadable from the MyeTV site by clicking on the “P2P” icon in the blue toolbar. When you install it on your computer, the MyeTV site will connect you with the network in minutes. The Giraffic software will remain in your Windows toolbar, in background, and you will see the connection successfull on the MyeTV blue toolbar (at the bottom of the site). The benefits of that network are:

– No more buffers

– Video streaming by user-to-user system

– X3 Accellerator for all YouTube videos thanks to our integrated player

– Download accellerator for HD and HQ videos

– P2P over streaming and over file download

– Not intrusive (no spam, no adv)

– A real P2P cdn-network builded by real people

– Only 10% of upload bandwidth used on any pc

– Run on every computers (MAC and Linux coming soon)

– Run on set-top-boxes and mobile (coming soon)

– Fast, secure, clean and easy to install

p2p-governance_id3929961_size480Some requirements to join at the P2P Network

You firewall need to be setup to permits connection from the Giraffic software. More precisely you have to open the access for two processes:

– Giraffic.exe (Agent)

– GirafficWatchDog.exe (Watchdog)

And you have to open the port: 43261

In the major of cases your firewall will ask to you if let this two process to access at the internet, or it will automatically let the process to access at the internet; but sometimes you have to configure it manually. If your firewall block the connection, the MyeTV toolbar will tell you with a message (if the icon remain yellow, you can put your mouse over the icon and a message like that will appear: “Your firewall is blocking Giraffic; please configure your firewall for the P2P Network”).

At the moment the software is only for Windows; but very soon it will be implemented also for MAC and Linux computers. Don’t worry, if you can’t access at the p2p network, you can anyways watch videos on MyeTV from our dedicated servers. The site undesrstand automatically if you have the software successfully installed.


1. What is Giraffic?

Giraffic is a video accelerating program, designed to increase the quality, speed and overall viewing experience of the user.

2. Why do I need Giraffic installed on my machine to be able to watch content on some video websites?

We work with leading video websites and other media broadcasters in order to improve their video deliver and improve your viewing experience. The internet is full of congestion and bottlenecks, and delivering high quality video is challenging. With the Giraffic Video Accelerator we deliver content from multiple sources simultaneously, enabling you a rich and smooth viewing experience, significantly reducing re-buffering or jittering during video playback.

3. Will Giraffic slow down my internet speed?

Nope! Quite the contrary! The Giraffic application should be transparent to the user and improve the speed of downloads and streaming of videos from the websites using the Giraffic application.

The Giraffic application is the most polite and non-disrutpive peer-to-peer technology there is! We only use a small fraction of your upload bandwidth, typically about 10%, and will always try to use your resources only when your computer is idle. Giraffic’s application will automatically yield to anything else running on your computer, so if you’re surfing the web, or doing anything else which does not require the giraffic video accelerator, we will step down and not use your bandwidth at all.

4. Will Giraffic use all of my Hard Disk space?

Like every P2P program, we need some local storage resources, but we will only utilize a small percentage of your current FREE space, and in any case Giraffic will never take anymore than 2.5GB of every user on the network, but usually we won’t take more than 250-500MB, so don’t worry about it

5. Can I change the amount of Hard Disk space being used by Giraffic?

This feature will be available soon

6. Which operating systems Giraffic supports?

Right now, we’re running only on Windows. Mac OSX and Linux coming soon!

7. Does the Giraffic Installer contain viruses, malware, adware or spyware?

Never! Our installer is clean as a whistle

8. Is Giraffic free?

Of course! Using Giraffic is free of charge

9. Should I keep on downloading the latest version from for the best experience?

Giraffic is smart enough to auto-update itself, so you can keep that off your mind. If you’re running Giraffic, you’re always running the latest and greatest version of Giraffic!

10. How do I remove Giraffic from my computer?

If you’re not satisfied with Giraffic you can always remove it from the Add\Remove programs, just like any other application on your machine.

11. The Giraffic Tray Icon looks gray and it says “Giraffic Stopped”, what’s wrong?

This problem may occur during one of these events:

a. You’re offline

b. Giraffic is being blocked by a firewall software \ router \ etc’ – Please manually open port 43261

c. Giraffic is being updated – This shouldn’t happen very often, and if it does happen – Giraffic should be back online in a couple of minutes

12. What is the meaning of the word Giraffic?

Giraffe + Traffic. Meaning: we are the Giraffe that turns the “long-tail” of content traffic into the “long-neck” – i.e. the main thing!


Download the MyeTV p2p software here:

You can read about the Giraffic P2P project here:

An overview on Giraffic:

Giraffic FAQ from:

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