MyeTV: the best encoding software for videos on the web

conversione-video-encoding-on-demand-guida-migliori-servizi-485The best video players on the web

You can watch your videos in different players: flash and HTML5 and any other player compatible; you can download a video and watch it later directly on your pc/tablet/mobile with any player on the local device.

The best encoding software in the web

You can upload and encode on MyeTV the major of the formats around the web; plus you can choose your favourite quality or a set of quality: the MyeTV engine can encode a video in 3-pass (in 3 different resolution) that you choose.

2313181-solar_powerUpload and Download the encoded video

With MyeTV you can upload your video and download it in 3 different resolution (optimized for the web streaming and all devices).

video_encoding_codecs_formats_containers_settings_video_formats_icons_by_cepro_comFull-Format Video Encoding Solution.

Take advantage of the up-to-date Flash video encoding technology, MyeTV is able to encode almost all pupolar formats to Flash Video FLV, F4V, and iOS-compatible MP4 files, such as AVI, MP4, WMV, RM, MPEG, MKV, MOV, 3GP, M2TS and more. No quality loss.

encodeit-computerTurn Video to Mobile. Exclusive for Apple iOS Devices.

MyeTV supports  HTML 5 browser-based video playback via <video> tag. No Flash plug-in required, output videos can be played smoothly on Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G(s), iPod Touch/Classic. It also supports Android mobiles and other tablet devices.

Encode to AVC/H.264 High-Definition Videos.

Not only focus on SD videos, MyeTV also allows to convert HD videos to MP4 format on the fly. Successfully encode high definition video (1280*720p) with H.264/AVC codec. Turn videos to high-resolution files and stream media with the best quality on the fly. Get the full types of resolutions here.

Auto Make Thumbnails. Free to Add Logo on Top of Videos (for PREMIUM).

With MyeTV, you can overlay watermark image (PNG) as logo on the top of videos for advertising and copyright demand. Also auto-create meaningful thumbnail images.

If you want the best for your viewers, you can choose MyeTV

All of your videos and data are secure and stored in a secured web servers, plus you can download them when you want. With the PREMIUM subscription you can make the most from the MyeTV service like advertising and watermarking; or you can just support our works and our ideas to store your files better than ever others services.

Thank you all people, for letting our dreams come true. Have a nice day and… Stay Tuned!

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