We let you choose quality and player

We just made some updates on the “play-page” with some important changes. We add buttons for the video quality (at the top right corner) and buttons for the video player HTML5 or FLASH (at the bottom). You can view the main changes in the image below (highlighted with a white arrow):


  1. (1) Quality Buttons: You can choose your preferred video quality only if the uploader has given consent; you can choose always from a low resolution file (240p) to a resolution choosen by the uploader (360p or 480p or 720p). If the video is from YouTube, or another service, you must switch the quality directly in the player.
  2. (2) Player Preferences: with these buttons you can switch the video player from FLASH to HTML5 and from HTML5 to FLASH when you want; the page don’t reload but the url still be changed and clean. Please note that HTML5 will not work with FLV files or files uploaded before the 2009.

We add the pushstate() method for the modern HTML5 browsers to change the url and the page contents without reloading the page. We will experimenting something of awesome with this new method in the future.

Stay Tuned, folks! Changes are here.

Have a nice day

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